A handdrawn commissioned artwork in your choice of style (pointillism/photorealism), medium (ink/pastel/pencil) and size (A2, A3 or A4). These can be completed from a photo reference of your choosing. If you have your own photo of the subject and are happy for us to use it as the basis for your piece, that's great, just let us know. 

Alternatively, we have a catologue of suitable images available, just let us know what subject you are interested in and we can send you some photos to choose from, as a basis for your artwork.

You will recive the completed original artwork (unframed).

Commissioned Artwork

  • ***Please be aware that copyright remains with the artist. The artwork may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the artist. We reserve the right to sell prints of the artwork at our discrection.

  • ***Artworks are created by hand, they are not produced digitally, therefore some deviation from the original image is to be expected as this is only one artists interpretation of the subject.

    ***If the photo reference (provided by the customer) is unsatisfactory in either quality or clarity, alternative images (from our catalogue) may be suggested by the artist.

    ***Artwork will not be commenced until both parties agree on the base reference photo.