A handdrawn ink Pointillism artwork in your choice of size (A2, A3 or A4) and paper, (Cotton Rag or Artist Paper). Cotton Rag paper is a high quality, acid free, archival paper which is significantly sturdier and more expensive than the artist paper.

These can be completed from a photo reference of your choosing. If you have your own photo of the subject and are happy for us to use it as the basis for your piece, that's great, just let us know. 

Alternatively, we have a catologue of suitable images available, just let us know what subject you are interested in and we can send you some photos to choose from, as a basis for your artwork.

You will recive the completed original artwork (unframed).

Commissioned Pointillism Artwork

  • A commissioned artwork contract must be completed prior to commencement of any commissioned artwork.